OK, if you wanted to see Lee Evans during the SO Festival I’m afraid his show sold out in hours after going on sale in June.

I discovered Lee Evans show being advertised on 9th June, when I checked again on the 10th the show was sold out which is great for the SO Festival and the Embassy theater.

Well Done to the SO Organisers for getting top talent Lee Evans to be apart of the SO Festival 2011, that’s a feather in someone cap :)

The SO Festival is still a baby compared to some Festivals around the country, yet already just three years on it just keeps getting better.

Last years SO Festival 2010 was amazing, SO 2011 is looking to be just as good.

If you didn’t get ticket to see Lee Evans There’s lots of great stuff to see and do during the SO Festival, on 23rd there is a big outdoor show called Games Time which will be performed in Skegness.

Games time will be some great family entertainment, so if your parents like us who had to reluctantly let the opportunity to see Lee Evans pass you by, your still guaranteed a good night out at the SO Festival on Saturday 23rd July