Lulu is coming to Skegness as part of the SO Festival on 24th July 2011.

I’m putting this sudden change to the SO Festival line up down to my hubby who kicked up a fuss on Facebook, he caught the SO Festival organisers out when they were telling visitors in their official promotion that the SO Festival was having Bill Wyman (from the rolling stones) Close the curtain on the SO Festival 2011, he was not, Bill wasn’t in anyway apart of the SO Festival and Bill’s show was on at the Embassy the day ‘after’ the SO Festival finished.

Or it could be a BIG coincidence :)

Well done to SO Festival organisers getting Lulu to close the SO Festival 2011 and for putting right something that could have been a promotions nightmare for the SO Festival.

Lulu will be playing at the Embassy on the last day of the SO Festival at 7.30pm tickets cost £31.50 for both adults and childrens tickets.

Lulu is officially apart of the SO Festival (unlike Bill Wyman :)), so come on down to Skegness and Join in with the fun with Lulu.

Theirs a lot to ‘SHOUT’ about, in this years SO Festival :)