Comment on Skegness SEAS Festival Finale Event Complaint to East Lindsey District Council by Skeggy Resident.

Hi Chris

Thank you so very much for your apology and I know Intercult had nothing to do with the performers selected at the SEAS grand finale. I wish East Lindsey District Council had as much compassion as you, their comment about my complaint hurt immensely and your kind words have helped ease a very uncomfortable situation.

I don’t like to complain officially, but I couldn’t remain silent, I had no choice after such a shocking experience. My son and I had been looking forward to the closing entertainment, overall we had a good 9 days of events in our town and was looking forward to the grand finale, we were so upset at the SEAS Festival ended this way for us.

I fear sloppy mistakes like the ones made by our council could jeopardise tourism to Skegness, I thought it was wonderful that the SEAS Festival catered for both young and old, with events for adults as well as children, but the two should never occupy the same space early in the evening at the same event.

I hope the mistake at the SEAS grand finale is something you can forgive the council for and it didn’t upset you too much, as I’m sure it was a worry at the beginning of the finale that the show wasn’t going to be so grand! I understand it was a good night after the first two acts, so I’m happy that your evening wasn’t completely ruined.

I am so sorry that some people where rude to you during your time in Skegness. That is the reason Skegness needs cultural events and festivals so we can attract a higher class of visitor and the SEAS Festival is one way to do this. It also tells the world about our little forgotten seaside town, Skegness needs diversity.

I hope you left Skegness with more happy memories of the people you met than the ignorance of some living in and visiting our community. Remember that in amongst the din of rude people there are those like our family who are open minded to new experiences, who like to see and do different and interesting things and although we might not fully understand art to a high level we do appreciate it.

We enjoyed a lot of the art that was on offer and I hope that if you organise another international festival that you consider Skegness again as a host to your future events.

Thank you Chris for bringing the SEAS to Skegness and for your kind apology.

Marie Law