Comment on Skegness SEAS Festival Finale Event Complaint to East Lindsey District Council by Skeggy47.

Hi David

Yes I do recall seeing your wife and son at St Mathews Church for the Baghdaddies performance, they were seated in the pew just in front of me to my left.

I am truly sorry that they had to miss what turned out to be a very good musical evenning because of in-appropiate acts that kicked off the evenning. I wish I knew who was responsible for bringing in the act in question, I don’t think it was anyone from the Seas people and I was very glad that you recieved an appoligy from Chis Torch who I had met during the festival and was very impressed by is open manner and dedication to the Seas project.

The only one of the Skegness organisers that I know is John Bycroft whom I spoke to after the performance and he most definately knew nothing of who had invited this act to open and I can confirm that she was not one of the Seas artists. My guess is it was someone from the students organisation that was responsible for booking the musical acts but i must stress I have no connection to any of the organising bodies, Its clear to me that someone from the organisers should have checked and and cleared any act before they were allowed to take the stage, clearly this was not done.

It is a shame that one small aspect of the festival should over clowd what was for many a chance to see some very entertaining performances from many places around Europe.

Regarding the Suitcases Street theatre act. The programme did state that the Procession was from Lumley Road to The Tower Gardens and there was officials posted at the start of the show near Kirks Butchers. I asked one of the voluntary helpers in the Embassy to locate where the procession would start and found it with no problem.

The Waiting Performance near the Pier on Friday Saturday and Sunday Nights attracted big numbers. The Sorrelle Opera was very popular and the Local wednesday night Playgowers evenning had something for everyone. So yes there were problems with the publicity and yes there were mistakes made but at least a start has been made and hopefully more locals will get involved in the organisation of future events and ensure that lessons learnt will be put right next time