Comment on Skegness SEAS Festival Finale Event Complaint to East Lindsey District Council by David Law.

Skegggy47 my second post wasn’t aimed directly at you, if anything it was mostly in response to Irishblue who disagreed with how well/poorly organised the festival was. I was giving an example of how the information/organisation was lacking.

As it happens the only reason we now know the Suitcase performance started in the shopping center is because you posted photos of it in this thread (unfortunately I read it too late, after the Saturday event). If it wasn’t for your post we’d still not know where it started! As my wife has been writing the reviews I’ve been reading your reviews in this thread as well: I wasn’t able to go to most of the events (my back couldn’t handle it), but still very interested, maybe the next festival I’ll be able to participate more.

My wife and I want more festivals in Skegness, more culture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t constructively criticize the organisation of past events, how are organises/councilors to learn what went wrong if no one stands up and tells them?

In your first review of the Finale you glossed** over the adult performances as “After a shaky start by a couple of short warm up acts”, when what you just said “Its unfortunate that some silly deluded student had to decide that what she called art didnt matter if others found it offencive and I include myself in that bracket.” is far more constructive to the organises, they can learn from past mistakes.

** I understand why you did this, you didn’t want to go too negative and risk loosing future events like this to Skegness. As it happens my wife HATES writing negative reviews, she’s been working on a Butlins review for over a year (worst time she ever had at an attraction) and can’t bare to finish it because she got nothing positive from a day at Butlins!

If ELDC are so fickle to use a complaint like this as a reason not to host similar events, they are using it as an excuse and not a valid reason not to try harder next time and should be voted out next election! The online response we got from Semantha Neal (Business Manager (Health, Arts and Events) East Lindsey District Council) is disturbing to say the least. I know politicians are renowned for refusing to apologise, but this clearly warrants an apology.

Chris Torch artistic director – Intercult and SEAS International has commented on the complaint, now that’s a proper apology, (thank you Chris) my wife plans to respond later.

BTW you’d have probably seen my wife and son at the Baghdaddies performance, they were the ones that got up and danced, they had a good time :)