Comment on Skegness SEAS Festival Finale Event Complaint to East Lindsey District Council by David Law.

Hi and thanks for the welcomes,

Not providing useful information about an event is poor organisation, a lot of the information supplied was artistic blurb or just didn’t exist.

Here’s an example.

Suitcase: from the literature it was not clear where the event started, it did not say the Hildred Shopping Center for example and would proceed to the entrance of Flirts. The literature mentioned Tower Gardens, so it’s not unreasonable to believe it was going through the park. When we gave up waiting on the park for the show to pass by and asked the staff in the tourist information office where it was, I was told to stand on the park steps to wait for it to pass. Had we waited there it would have never passed by since it ended at Flirts. We completely missed it because of poor information/organisation.

It’s inexcusable to host an event and not tell people who want to see it where it starts and ends!

If you can show me an official source that listed the Suitcase performance starting at the Hildred Shopping Center I’d love to see it? It must be dated prior to the show start, not after.

All our information came from the official literature supplied both on and offline and from the tourist information office staff. We should have been able to plan our time from those sources alone, but couldn’t. Even doing extensive research online didn’t help and my job is as a search engine optimisation consultant and before that I studied genetics with an aim to following a career in scientific research, so I know how to do research online.

We like the Embassy theater and have no issues with the tourist information office, (the staff are friendly and try to help) but unfortunately their understanding of what was going on during the SEAS Festival was severely lacking (we blame the organises for this). In our experience the only source of information they had to refer to was the publicly available literature and it was wholly inadequate for leading people through the SEAS Festival.

That’s poor organisation/information and detracts from what the festival was about, despite the poor organisation we tried to be fair with our reviews (not all written yet).

As miles_07 said the finale problem was easily solved by having the adult entertainment at the end of the night, whilst giving families a chance to leave before the profanity started!

Once you are in the situation of seeing two adult acts early in the evening you can’t just sit there with young children hoping there won’t be more offensive material, it ruined the night for my wife and youngest son. If I had been there I’d have very loudly stopped the performance asked what the hell was going on with having adult themes with children in the audience, I can not understand why no one stopped the performances!

Result was my wife and son missed what sounded like a good show, they would have really enjoyed it. I couldn’t go because my back was hurting too much (had an op on my back earlier this year).

One of our sons used to be in the Skegness Silver Band, when they performed in Skegness, as a family we’d try to watch them. I feel sorry for the parents who had little choice but to stay and watch the early adult performances because their children were due on stage later in the evening, it’s not like they had the option my wife had to leave!

Looks like a ELDC councilor has read the online version of the complaint, so much for an apology, that was a callous and uncaring response!

Also does anyone know anything about:

“The programme for the evening did contain a warning that some of the performances may not be suitable for young people but with hind sight we should have changed the running order.”

Where was the warning???