Comment on Skegness SEAS Festival Finale Event Complaint to East Lindsey District Council by David Law.

Quote from skeggy47
The night was a real treat for music lovers and its hard to understand considering that entrance to the show was free why The Theatre was not bursting at the seams. For those that did attend though the night will linger for a long time in thier memories.


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That might be because the first acts on stage were adult acts, do you really think families living in and visiting Skegness want to hear people swearing and talking about sexual themes while touching themselves at 7:00 to 7:30pm in the evening?

My wife and youngest son had tickets for 7:30 (they got the times wrong), arrived at around 7:15 and left in disgust by 7:30pm.

I’m sure many other families with young children expecting a musical treat left also. My wife saw others leaving as well.

My wife has compiled a complaint to ELDC which will be mailed later this week.

Those early performers completely ruined the night for my wife and youngest son, the organises should be ashamed.

The SEAS Festival Skegness was poorly organised, you could not obtain decent information about any of the events or exhibits through the week, very, very disappointed and we think festivals ARE the way to go with Skegness.

The best part of the festival we saw was the Graffiti Classics at St Mathews church, Daily Dose and The Baggdadies were also enjoyable.