Comment on Skegness SEAS Festival Finale Event Complaint to East Lindsey District Council by Chris Torch.

Dear Mrs Law and other enraged Skegness friends:

I agree with a great deal that you write in your comment.

It is essential – as artistic director and responsible for SEAS as an international platform – to make it clear that the program of the Finale was not a SEAS programmed event. We trusted to our local hosts and their judgements. The choice made to present that sketch at the beginning of the program was unfortunate.

I was personally there when the first sketch welcomed the public. I was embarrassed and relieved when it was finished.

It was not in the taste and care that SEAS and my institution Intercult represent. Adult-oriented performances were presented during SEAS Skegness; they were clearly marked and took place at appropriate times and places. The Finale did not meet that standard.

It would be a great pity if all the wonderful encounters that took place between SEAS artists, citizens of Lincolnshire and visitors from afar were undercut by this unfortunate incident. Thousands of people in Skegness and Mablethorpe had great and surprising experiences. It was well managed by the local hosts and the foreign artists enjoyed their audiences and their stay in Lincolnshire immensely.

I deeply apologize for any insult you and your son experienced. I can assure you that it was a single exception throughout 12 days of public art, performance and voices from other Europe.

I hope that Skegness and East Lindsey will continue to show foresight and courage in inviting guest artists to their home, even at the risk of mistakes. It is through these attempts that limits are tested and values are defined.

I can’t help mentioning that I met personally rude behaviour in public places in Skegness during my stay, related to other types of entertainment available in your town and surely an unpleasant feature in any resort area. I chose to keep my sights set on the overwhelming majority of people who showed curiosity and joy at SEAS events.

kind regards

Chris Torch
artistic director – Intercult and SEAS International