There’s an article in the Skegness Standard: Skegness police seek funding to reduce violent assaults Skegness police are trying to obtain £15,000 in funding…

To tackle this type of behaviour he (Inspector Terry Ball) is hoping to get £15,000 to allow the police to set up diversionary activities on 32 nights of the year during the peak season, which might help to stop people from getting into fights.

It’s unfortunate the Skegness police force has to resort to this sort of initiative to reduce violence in our town, but I think it’s a great idea, so well done to whoever thought this up. I look forward to hearing more about the proposal, particularly who will they be targeting the diversionary activities at?

Is it teens and/or young adults or another group who create most trouble in and around Skegness?

Inspector Terry Ball in the article said he was open to suggestions, so if you have one post it below for discussion.

David Law