Comment on Skegness Illuminations 2011 Switch On by Joe.

Well, how was it ? and what is planned for this year ?
You need a good mix of entertainment for all ages at an event like that. middle of the road music, no extremes. A busking & folk music festival is good as it includes some mellow as well as music with a beat and guitars. Something up beat. You can’t charge for fireworks as people will just stand and watch in the free areas I’m afraid. I’d get rid of the brass bands, its not a Christmas light switch on. Butlins Red Coats are good as they can do all sorts of entertainment, they could do a variety show on their own and entertain the kids. Sounded quite good to me for a free event. Its a shame that you have to switch them on from the clock tower, it isn’t the best location for it. Do they have a stage these days or do they still use the balcony ?