Comment on Skegness Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve Review by Skeggy Resident.

Hi Joan,

I’m sorry Joan for not including information about disabled access :( I’ll amend my error and include it in the review, I wrote a little paragraph about the paths, but it’s not in enough detail, thanks for pointing it out, it’s appreciated.

There’s no rules for wheel chair uses at Gibraltar, all disabled people are welcome.

Your Husband will easily be able to use the visitor center and view the fish tank area, the visitor center is off the main car park at the top of the road and this area is tar maced.

regarding the bird hides some are accessible, some might be a little difficult, one or two are hidden away up stairs on the grass banks so not accessible (they’re not that good anyway, not much to see), but the best hides are all accessible to wheel chair uses, I would think, some of the hides are really nice and big inside.

Most of Gibraltar is on flat, there’s one hilly part to the viewing area where you can view the marsh and out to sea (great view), but it’s no excessive I’d say there more humps than hills.

All the paths at Gibraltar point are compacted aggregate, It depends on the type of wheel chair your hubby uses, I would say if it’s an electric powered wheel chair then most of Gibraltar would be suitable, if it’s a push wheel chair some areas might be hard going.

Unfortunately the beach isn’t accessible for wheel chair uses there no hard surface to the beach.

I would love to know how your visit went, getting input from actual holiday makers is always appreciated, the view point of disabled visitors is highly valued since I can’t write a review from a disabled persons perspective and I always feel I’m letting disabled people down.

Let me know how you visit to Skeg went.