Comment on Skegness Fairy Dell Paddling Pool by Skeggy Resident.

No it’s not the same one, the old paddling pool you remember was next to the pier, the new one is on the boating lake.

Unfortunately the old paddling pool wasn’t used for years and fell into disrepair, there’s a kiddies play park there now.

The council wanted to get rid of a paddling pool all together in Skegness, but when word got out and there was an out cry from the public from as far a field as Australia, so they built a new paddling pool in 2006.

The old pool area was replaced by a lovely new kids park in 2009

Both the paddling pool which has just been resurfaced in 2011 (kids keep kicking up the rubber flooring) and the new play park are a must for young kids visiting Skegness, great attractions and there free :)