Comment on Skegness Embassy Theater : ROUTE 66 Review by Skeggy Resident.

We went to see Route 66 in 2009 0r 2010, a year after writing the above review and it wasn’t as good.

They had changed the feel to the show.

To many Cooks I think.

Everyone and his cat wanted to be the star of the show, it was like watching a competition for mums approval, ‘Look mum I can sing too’

A really Disappointing show.

It just didn’t have the same feel to the show :(

I hadn’t noticed last year, but route 66 was (at least this year) the same cast as Essence of Ireland, there was no Dr Clive Jackson from Dr and the Medics and both lead singers was missing from the show.

It might be Route 66 has been taken over by the cast of Essence of Ireland

I don’t know if Nathan James was ill that day and we got his understood, but the guy who replaced David Archer was really bad, he had no where near the talent of Nathan

Wayne Denton was replaced by Ged Graham and again the quality was noticeable, Wayne was amazing and got the crowd involved, which was lacking by Ged

The females in the show had increased and their singing was really amateur.

The young lad Declan Galbraith was OK, his voice wasn’t very strong, but maybe as he matures he will get better, my advise to him would be go it alone.

I found the new outline of route 66 rather irritating and unfortunately I will not be going to see it again.

I’m taking a left turn and getting the hell off Route 66

I would give Route 66, 6/10