Comment on Skegness Embassy Theatre Review by David Law.

My wife has already got plans for us to go to Bat the Symphony, I’m not a big fan of MeatLoaf, but do like the songs most people will be familiar with so think we’ll enjoy it (Steve Steinman knows how to put on a show). Also going to see Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom by Steve Steinman as well.

My wife made two more articles about What’s on at the Embassy and What we’ll be going to see at the Embassy at:


If you have any insights into the shows that we’d not necessarily get access to, feel free to add a comment or two.

The Embassy Theatre is my wife’s favourite Skegness attraction by far, so great to see more and more diverse shows this year. Well done to you and the rest of the Embassy staff for this years program. My wife called into the Embassy a few months ago and said well done and thanks to some of the staff at the box office for the hard work they must be doing.

My back is finally up to sitting through more shows, so I get dragged along as well now :-) I really enjoyed my first Vampires Rock show in December, great fun. We’ll be at WHO’S BAD! a Michael Jackson Tribute Band this week, I must dig out my sparkly white glove so I don’t forget it :-)