Comment on Skegness Embassy Theatre Review by Skeggy47.

I would most certainly aggree that the embassy is one of Skegnesses top attractions, we go as often as our budget allows so we do tend to be very selective of who we can go and see, but on average i would say we have attended at least one show per month.

I am dissabled so we always try to book one of the front 7 rows of isle seats because they are layed out in a pyramid style so the last seat in the row doesn’t have a seat in front which allows for the extra leg room I require to be comfy another advantage is that the seats do not have arms so most sizes can fit into them, not always the case with older theatres like the London Palladium which was built at a time when most people were a lot smaller than they are today. The stalls at the front are also loose so that a few can be removed to accommodate wheelchairs or in some cases removed altogether to allow this area to be used as part of the show.

The Embassy has got very good dissabled access, the side doors nearest the bar are always available for easy level access from the car park, theres a good lift and they keep an area clear for Mobility scooter users to park there machines in the foyer.

The bar area is nice and cosy if a little small but has most people usually vacate the theatre after the show having it any bigger would not be cost affective.

I would also like to praise both the management and staff at this point for thier friendly service, I have always found them most helpfull.

The majority of customers who use the Theatre on a regular basis are i have found are the over 50s, those that have traditionally supported live shows for many years and appreciate good variety.

This reflects on the top bog office hits of the year like The Great British variety show, Jane Mcdonald, That’l Be the Day (that tours to packed audiences twice a year and The Solid Silver Sixties show.

I would give the Embassy a rating of 9/10