Skegness Family Friendly Cycle Route – Main Beach area : Easiest access to the cycle route is via either the North or South Parade car parks this Skegness bike ride goes around in a circle leading you safely back to your car.

It’s a nice Skegness Cycle Route that is suitable for family and leisure cyclists most of the cycling is on the flat.

Great place to take the kids for a bike ride as part the Cycle Route takes you through the Skegness waterway where the kids can watch the ducks or you can drop off at the Sunshine play area.

I would say the best times to cycle in Skegness is when it’s not busy navigating tourist is a nightmare across the beach front particularly if you do come to Skegness during the busier summer month. My advice would be go out early before around 10am or in the evening around 7pm then you will have the beach area to yourself, there’s nothing quiet like a glorious warm early summer morning in Skegness and it’s our favourite time to go for a ride.

Cycling across the Beach front in a morning is a dream and an experience everyone should have at least once in their life.

Skegness cycle route starts at South Parade car park there’s a wide path that run behind the sand dunes parallel with the car park, cycle on this path up passed the toilets towards the RNLI lifeboat station.

you can either cycle passed the RNLI station and take the sharp turn to the left which will takes you onto the cycle path at the side of the beach so you out of the way of tourists, but if it’s not busy you can cycle on the beach path.

Cycle towards the pier, go under the pier and follow the path that leads past the beach huts – it’s a stone pebble path stay on this path up to North parade car park.

Follow the path and turn right up onto the beach, cycle across the beach front which will naturally lead you back to under the pier then just retrace your steps back to south Parade car park.

This cycle route takes between 30 mins to an hour to complete depending on how much of the cycle route you do and your fitness level, This Skegness cycle route is good for the family and leisure cyclist with no roads to navigate :)

There is no where close to this cycle route to hire a bike or for that matter that hire cycles in Skegness so you will have to bring your own bike on holiday with you.