Comment on Skegness Carnival Review by Skeggy Resident.

Skegness Carnival ReviewHi Graham Dovey,

I am shocked that a Skegness event like the Skegness Carnival that draws in the tourists is not supported by East Lindsey District Council!

One would assume that a major event in Skegness, one of only two regular events Skegness runs during the holiday season, would be run by the council since the Carnival is used to promote Skegness, Please accept my apologies for my assumptions.

I’m afraid I still stand by what I said about the actual Carnival, It’s not a carnival in the modern sense and is out of date, but at least now I know why. The lack of support and funds from a Council that is happy to take the money and profile for Skegness, generated by the Skegness Carnival, but is unwilling to give real help and commitment to it.

Says a lot about our council! :-(