Comment on Skegness Carnival Review by David Law.

Skegness Carnival ReviewHi Graham,

Thanks for pointing out the mistake, you are correct regarding no involvement from either ELDC or Skegness Town Council. I’ve made appropriate changes to my wife’s review above.

I see you are the press officer for the Skegness Carnival Committee. Does this mean you get no funding from either East Lindsey or Skegness Town Council and if not, why the hell not??

If they give you no funding I can now understand why you struggle to put on what my wife calls “a real carnival”.

Considering how much money Skegness makes for every pound spent on publicity it’s madness not to support a Skegness event quite a lot of people attend!

I take it with the recession you’ll have even less money for Skegness Carnival 2010?

Thanks again for pointing out the error above.