The smell of burning Tires, the screeching of brakes and the heat of the race is the best way to describe Skegness Stadium.

OK have to admit being a woman I thought I wasn’t going to like Skegness Stadium, but I had a ball it was loads of fun and one of the best Skegness Attractions.

I can honestly say for a visit during your holiday an outing to Skegness Stadium watching the stock car races is a great bit of family fun.

We had a good time when we went to Skegness Stadium and had a laugh picking our cars before the race hoping we’d be the winner :).

On the very first race we watched, the car our son chose broke down on the second lap right in front of us LOL.

We didn’t have a clue what was happening on the track most of the time, the cars fly passed so fast we couldn’t tell who was in the lead, but it was so much fun with cars crashing, brakes squealing and little kids waving flags and honking horns.

There lots of souvenirs you can buy from the track shops that are dotted around the track, You can buy flags, horn, hats and jumpers. There is plenty of food available to buy from the kiosks around the track all your greasy favorite chips, burgers and hot dogs :) there’s sweets for the kids when they get peckish and a drink for the adults at the bar.

The price at first can seem a bit steep at £13.50 Adults and £10.50 for Juniors under 12 Free until you realise you get hours of fun (when we went we where at Skegness Stadium for 3-4 hours) and since it’s something you might do occasionally or on your holiday to Skegness it’s not a bad price for what you get.

Skegness Stadium also has special race day that includes more fun for your buck different race days have different races, which might include Big Foot crushing a car, caravan demolition where you can see those irritating Caravan destroyed in a mass of splintered wood, Motor Bike riders doing jumps over cars or a firework display, they’ve even had Parachutes dropping into the Stadium.

Kids under 12 go free to Skegness Stadium with an adult and if you order your tickets online admission prices are cheaper at £10.50 for Adults, Juniors are £5.00.

Tickets have to be purchased online at least 24 hours before the race, check the Skegness Stadiums website for prices on race day.

There’s plenty of seating around the Track so you can choose where you want to sit either on the grass verges or on the concrete steps there is sheltered seating which again is Concrete. Lots of people choose to stand and some take there own chairs and sit on the verges.

For an extra cost of £10-£15 depending on the size of your car, you can drive you car into the stadium and watch the races from the comfort of your own car.

We prefer this option especially on a cold night, we have a picnic in the car and listened to music as we watched the action going on outside.

The atmosphere in the Stadium is like stepping back in time to the 1970s. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

My hubby who went to Skegness Stadium when he was younger Say’s it’s changed very little in 20 years. I enjoyed the music that was played over the telecoms, the music reminded me of my mums music collection from the 60’s, 70’s and a little from the 80’s and the odd one from the 90’s, it would have been nice to hear some modern music though since I got sick to death of hearing I’m Walking on Sunshine :).

Down side to the Stadium is that it’s stuck in the 70’s a little to much :(

It’s a little too sexist for my liking, I found this aspect of Skegness Stadium very uncomfortable and out of character for a family event in 2010, The derogatory attitude to women was straight out of a Benny Hill Series, for a company aimed at families to condone and promote such behavior by parading women around the track to titillate men shouldn’t be anywhere acceptable in a family venue.

We had a real laugh when we went, it was an cold October night and these poor girls where freezing to death with there half cut tops exposing there navels, as the night went on and got colder the girls slowly added more clothes until they where wearing warm jump suit which they should have been wearing from the beginning .

The two girls only purpose is to be kissed and have there picture taken with the winner, then to climb in a truck and wave at the crowd after each race. We noticed that after kissing one of the drivers that was old enough to be their dad they looked freaked and not happy he was a real slimy git, it can’t be a nice job, easy money, but not nice.

Can’t help thinking a Mascot could do the job of waving at the crowd and would be fun for the kids and families! A couple of Mascots would have been great especially if they where out going and fun gives a lot more scope for interaction with the crowd.

There are quite a few women drivers that are stock car drivers, I think it’s about time Skegness Stadium gave Women some respect, in the 21st Century those Girls should have been driving the cars rather than be nothing more than old men’s depraved fantasy, we felt sorry for them.

The Girls being used as meat though (other than the message it sends to society) doesn’t detract from the family fun at the Stadium since it’s all about the thrill of the race.

All in all a Good Skegness Attraction for the family and a great day out.Skegness Attractions Star Rating 8/10