Skegness is a seaside town on the East Lincolnshire coast of the North Sea, it is 43 miles (69 km) from Lincoln, has a population of around 19,000 and as a holiday town Skegness is best known as the location of the first Butlins holiday resort.

We** moved here in November 2006 after buying an ex guest house (4 floors, 10+ bedrooms) within Skegness to renovate/live in.

** We being a family of five, Mum, Dad and three sons (16, 14 and 11 years old).

The ex guest house renovation continues around us (was a lot more needing doing than we first thought) while we try to live and have some fun in sunny Skegness :-)

Although there’s a Skegness tourist information center whenever we’ve tried to find an activity for us to do, we’ve pretty much been on our own research wise (total lack of details). Though that’s not surprising, every where we have lived has had the same lack of detailed information about what fun activities are going on in that area.

We plan to use this site to document fun activities in Skegness we think others will find useful and with a little luck start a small business the kids can run from this site(no idea what yet).

Skegness Attractions website is new (went live April 15th 2008) and lacks information at this time. Give us a few months and we’ll try to fill these pages with interesting things for both Skegness holiday visitors and Skegness residents to do.