“GRUMBLES that Skegness’ outdoor pool remains closed during the sunny days of early summer were sounded at a town/district liaison meeting.
However, for costs reasons, East Lindsey District Council has no plans to bring forward the opening from July, heating and chemically treating the water – plus the cost of lifeguards – could not be justified”.

I have my own opinion on this subject that some class as controversial

I think we should scrap the outdoor pool all together!

The Embassy outdoor pool in Skegness is only open for 8- 10 weeks in the summer holidays it’s pointless having it open, it would be better for Skegness if the indoor pool was improved and expanded to cater as an all year round attraction.

although an outdoor pool is a romantic idea the practicalities of swimming outdoors falls foul of many issues.

Skegness in fact England is not known for it’s sunny weather. Most of our summers are cool, breezy and rainy, is it worth having an outdoor pool in Skegness that is used if your lucky 3 weeks in summer

So the question as to be asked how much money is brought in by an outdoor pool compared to an indoor pool?

Then there is the issue of climate change with skin cancer on the increase should we really be encouraging people to stay out in the sun to long

Lastly hygiene The council would empty the outdoor pool in Skegness every year in the winter now since the purse have been tightened the last few years the pool is no longer cleaned with ducks taking up residence on the pool in the winter month I wouldn’t swim in that water. 10 months of duck poo no thank you. just filling the pool with chlorine isn’t exactly healthy.

Some might argue just on the fact an outdoor pool is a traditional Skegness attraction for holiday makers, but I think if you did the research most families now days prefer a modern pool with the latest technology (flumes etc..) rather than an out of date concept, swimming around in a glorified duck pond.