Comment on Skegness Sky Pier by joan bennett.

Skegness seems to be changing more than I thought, and maybe I will be looking more closely this year at whether it is still right for us to go there, in view of the comments about drunks and druggy needles in the parks.

ive always respected Skegness for its open friendly and put going nature, and yes its lost some of its grandeur, the shops signs are faded and the market needs some painting up, the awnings on shops are a bit weather beaten but thats just aging and the economy;-allowances can be made for that.

THE PEOPLE are friendly, and restaurant staff try to be helpful. Its such a shame if this is allowed to drag Skeggy into the mire. True drunks are SPENDING MORE, in bars and on “entertainment” but will this increase the crime rates, and deter family visitors? Will anyone care, because families tend to spend less;-but they dont allow for the ‘pester power’ of kids!