Comment on Skegness Sky Pier by Damon.

If the gentleman’s club is going to be opening around 10pm, shouldn’t young children be at home getting ready for bed if they are not already in it.

I was born in Skegness and grew up there, there has always been a mixture of sex, alcohol, gambling and fighting, don’t you remember the mods, rockers, hells angels, skinheads all coming to town. It never stopped people visiting with their children.

And by the time kids in Skegness hit 13 they are already knowledgeable about what goes on in the town etc. I think a lot of the responsibility should be for the parents to parent their kids, if being close to a gentleman’s club is a problem then it’s up to you as parents to keep your kids away. Skegness needs all the help it can get to keep it financially healthy with people willing to spend their money.