Comment on Skegness Sky Pier by David Law.

Come on Dan that’s semantics, does it matter that much if I said sexual acts or sexual in nature?

Obviously I’m not suggesting full sex is going to occur in the gentleman’s club, but your comment came across as the other extreme that there’s nothing sexual in lap dancing at all.

The issue regarding drinking in the building is quite straight forward.

The Skypier will be filled with night club like bars that are not what I’d call family friendly pubs (would you consider them family friendly?). I don’t think anyone reasonable in Skegness has an issue with a pub that’s got an area for families, they attract families not binge drinkers. Would be great if more Skegness pubs were family orientated.

Young people flock to Skeggy in summer to get pissed out their heads and pull. I admit that’s why I visited Skegness when I was a young man, and that results in trouble (fighting for example).

If the bars within the Skypier are successful (and I expect they will be) and they are open relatively early in the evening (7pm for example) and the family facilities are open up until 11pm (Taj Bola on a Skegness forum has suggested they might be open that late) there’s a period of time where there’s the POTENTIAL for a significant number of young drunk binge drinkers entering/exiting the Skypier while children and families are using the ice rink etc…

IMO this is asking for trouble, there’s the potential for bottlenecks in the lift and entrance/exit etc… we should try to keep families and children away from binge drinkers, not have them stuck in a lift together!

It’s not rocket science, young men get drunk, young men get in fights.

I lost count the number of fights I got into when I was young when I was out clubbing. Last thing on my mind while I was breaking someones nose because they looked at me funny was are there any families in the doorway that might get hurt!

Use some common sense. It’s not a good idea to have families using the facilities at the same time as binge drinking adults. I have no issue with them being in the same building, it’s using them at the same time I have the issue with.

Having separate entrances/exits would to some degree reduce the chances of trouble occurring in amongst families. Based on the current plans, one entrance/exit with one lift, the safest solution is close the family facilities before the adult facilities open (or at least before they get rowdy).