Comment on Skegness Sky Pier by David Law.

So lap dancing isn’t sexual in nature, it’s just dancing in the nude.

Are you trying to suggest men go to a lap dancing club for the artistic nature of the dancing?


Note: I have no major issue with a legal business that incorporates lap dancing. My issue is having the lap dancing club and also bars that could be filled with drunk people open in the same building at the same time as facilities for children and families. I can not see many good parents knowingly using the family facilities at the same times as the adult facilities are open.

Could you imagine if this was a pre existing building with a lap dancing club and bars etc… and someone proposed the Girl Guides should meet in the room above the lap dancing club while the lap dancing club was open!

I appreciate Skegness is no longer a family resort as it used to be, but I hope it’s not gone so bad that the majority of Skegness residents and visitors are either so desperate to get an ice skating rink they are keeping quite or they find the idea of mixing adult and family facilities acceptable.