I can’t get over over 1,000 of our neighbours voted BNP in 2005! That’s 2.4% of those who voted!

Do you have any idea what the BNP really stand for?

You might think it’s just to control immigration, but they have some nutty policies. For example they plan to force everyone to do national service. This is not just the military national service teenagers do for a couple of years we had in the past, but a forced labor force to work on farms etc… for free! Add to this the ludicrous ideas that anyone who refuses to do military national service are not allowed to own a gun (owning a gun after military national service would be compulsory under the BNP!), but they also LOOSE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE!

Yes, if you don’t do military service you can no longer vote under the BNP. This is from recent BNP manifestos (check out their manifestos, easy to find online).

The BNP plans are right out of 1930s Germany, the Nazis slowly removed the right to vote from those who opposed them and banned major political parties making it impossible to beat them in fair elections. The Nazi vote went from what the BNP gained in the EU elections in 2009 to them taking power within a decade and driving Europe into World War II!

Makes you wonder why the BNP want everyone to do military national service when another policy is to pretty much isolate Britain from the rest of the world!

The BNP have selected David Owens for Boston and Skegness seat in the 2010 general election. David Owens is the BNPs first Boston Borough Councillor and lets hope the last one.

I can’t believe people voted for these numpties, yes immigration is important, but it’s not the only issue and the BNP policies are dumb, they are the sort of stuff people talk about in the pub when discussing politics. It’s the “I know what we should do about immigrants, blow up their boats as they come into British waters, that’ll stop em”. Believe it or not Nick Griffin (BNP leader) said something like the above about controlling immigration!

If you plan to protest vote at the general election, vote Lib Dems, the Greens, UKIP or Monster Raving Loony party if they stand here. Do not vote BNP as a protest vote, it’s too much of a risk to our democracy.