Comment on LaserQuest Skegness Pier Review by David Law.

LaserQuest at Skegness recently had a free membership offer, (normally £8 for a year membership: which is a fair price for what you get) so myself, the wife and youngest son got a free Laserquest membership :-)

This is particular good for me as I still have a back problem and didn’t plan to buy a Laserquest membership this year, can now get the odd cheap game (can maybe handle one game).

As I wasn’t planning to buy a membership the wife wouldn’t have bought one either. Since youngest son no longer has any brothers at home to go to Laserquest with, he wasn’t going to get one either until I could go with him (I REALLY want to try out the members night, sounds a LOT of fun).

Wife and youngest son are currently at Laser Quests Monday members only night (I get the fun of walking them home after while they rave!), they’d not be going without the free membership, so well done Skegness Laserquest for offering free membership recently.

If Laser Quest employees read this page, drop a comment next time you have any offers like these as in Google this page is ranked well for relevant searches:

Skegness LaserQuest 2nd
Skegness Laser Quest 2nd
Laserquest Skegness 3rd
Laser Quest Skegness 10th

So potential visitors to Skegness LaserQuest are reading this page.