Mayor Councilor Pat Phillips at Skegness Town Council’s meeting on Wednesday said: “The amount of dog fouling which is going on in this town is terrible. All around the bowling greens and all around the Pier Field is a dog waste haven.”

It’s good the council has seen the problem first hand and are discussing the issue, but nothing was spear headed at the council meeting to solve the issue.

There only advise was for I assume individuals “To contact ELDC’s dog warden by calling 01507 601111”, WHAT USE IS THAT !!

A dog doing it’s busyness is over in a minute by the time you’ve called the warden the dog and owner are gone. This approach would only work if you know the owner, if it’s a stranger or holiday maker there no chance of stopping it.

The other suggestion was for the council to make it clear that dog fouling is unacceptable behavior!.

Do the council really think these disgusting people don’t already know that!

These lazy people don’t care about themselves let alone others, then to expand that to caring about the town and hygiene/health is asking to much of people like these.

They don’t have the intelligence to understand the health issues, I’m sure the majority of them don’t understand fully why they have toilets and use them in their homes let alone expand that relevant information to there dog.

These selfish people ruin any town in no time at all and I think the council should be cracking down hard. We’ve all seen the signs that say 2-5,000 pound fine for fouling, but there never enforce, I for one have never heard of someone having to pay thousands for dog mess.

Councils already have the means through these fines to put a significant stop to it if they enforced it properly. Stop tiptoeing around these people and give them the full fines and enforce it by feet on the street because if you don’t it will never change.

Also these fines should be enforced for being caught just once, not having to acquire several pieces of evidence over a matter of month, it should be your caught your fined.

Why doesn’t councils get the wardens to patrol troublesome areas on intermittent days, times and weeks it would be a lot more constructive than telephoning

Does anyone know the exact procedure for dog fouling?

I do have an amusing Idea (just a joke :-)) maybe the council could keep the town clean if they employed groups of teenagers to confront dog owners who don’t pick up after there dog, everyone hates and finds teens intimidating and it would be as cheap as cider :-)

Dog mess and disgusting dog owners are a problem no matter where you live in the UK . These lazy individuals make it so you can’t enjoy the world around you and instead spend half your time looking at the ground :-(.

You would have thought these dog owners who let there dog foul freely would want to pick up the mess since there knuckles are always dragging on the floor :-)

Skeggy Marie