Comment on Butlins Skegness Reviews by steve j.

been going skegness for 30yrs, not once had a prob! felt i had to write in due to some over exaggerant comments!
firstly when u get to butlins the opening to get in is signposted, if it took u 40mins to get into the resort u clearly got off the bus at the wrong place, when u pay to get in you get given a map of where everywhere is, u get given a time table as well of when childrens things start and where! u can get in at 10 and leave at 6pm! you pay £10 for an adult and £8 for kids well worth the money.
There are plenty of redcoats, information kiosks and friendly staff around to ask directions to places if you cannot find them!
its a lovely place with plenty of happi adults with very happi kids because of how kiddie oriantated it is!
There are two fairs on resort a kids fair and a mixed kid/adult fair, for us adults theres about 3 rides worth going on, it does need some extra rides, however they are all safe and well bolted and they are very health and safety concious there! as for the dodgems, well the name says it all! “dodge them” health and safety in a kids place is not gunna allow bumping now are they!
there are a couple of adventure parks, one near the fair and another next to a pub u can keep an eye on your kids easily and again well maintained! u dont have to stand in a “penn” to watch your kids plenty of space all around!
toilets – clean also, ok sometimes the floors of the toilets can be mucky but a cleaner cannot be on call 24/7 especially when uve got kids going in all the time!no other probs! i cant answer for the womens toilets though!
butlins is very clean and tidy, ok u get the odd sandy bit but thats due to the wind pushing the sand over from the beach, this beach has won awards for being the tidiest and nicest and i can see why, its lovely!
theres plenty of places to stop and rest when needed with benches and pubs and cafes and theres always plenty to do ie crazi golf, cinemas, bowling swimming.
swimming – lovely clean changing rooms and toilets can get overcrowded and have to queue to get changing rooms normally on a saturday or tuesday the day after people arrive in the mornings! best time to go is on a friday or monday when people are comming n going! theres no probs with the chlorine and limescale whatsoever! theres always plenty to do at these baths and cleaniness wise there as good as any! a resort would not allow so many kids to go in dirty baths now would they! the steps for queueing are completely safe no rusty bolts etc, painted, well maintained andas for queueing for th spacebowl and masterblaster plenty of roon for two queues and people to walk in between the queues!
marie commented that skegness is for chavs and its for people that cant afford better! dont be fooled by this comment! with kids, price of food and beer on resort it can be as pricey as anywhere else! theres only as many chavs as the next place at butlins! i think marie has more than a chip on her shoulder as calling people chavs without even knowing them and basising people on how they look shows her mentality! and by the way marie i find butlins very clean tidy and hygenic so before u comment on how people must be if they accept butlins just to let u know im just as clean and tidy as u or anyone else!
sorri to hear your 11 yr old was crying however if u ask him to be truthful if your anything like how u moan on here, id say hes crying because of u! ive never known in 30 yrs any child to cry due to butlins! i doubt the staff would of slammed the door on a young kid either! i think theres a bit of an over-exageration there by marie!