Comment on Butlins Skegness Reviews by joan bennett.

we are going for a day trip there in apx 6 weeks time. its going to be a small group of us, lets hope that the above comments are very wrong, because thats NOT like the |Butlins Camps I used to know,. and I worked there!!!

Years ago now though. Ive taken my kids there until they were too old to enjoy the place;-and we found it good fun.

Ive been there with my husbands wheelchair, three times, and found that the staff were not as knowledgeable as we had to be when I worked there, but thats no problem, there IS information available.

Ask the shop, or a bar manager.

The chap who assisted the disabled customers was a ‘real gentleman’ to my husband. he even told him which bars were “safe” to go into at night for a wheelchair user;-who was worried about MY safety not his!

Its true that many of the “old style” attractions have gone now, but things do go forward. If it isnt your style, then look it up on a computer, because there u get the unbiased and more open comments. From people who have been before.