Comment on Butlins Skegness Reviews by joan bennett.

its been a few years since we went, because of my husbands health pin the problems, but the wheelchair access accommodation was good, in the BUNGALOW STYLE ACCOMMODATION, BUT THE FLAT UNDER THE STEPS, WITH THE L SHAPED CORRIDOR ISNT EASY TO USE.

Id like to say one thing though, its nice to see that the rowing boats on the old sewage ponds have been taken away, and the sewage ponds filled in and grassed over. The old photo printing area isnt very pretty to view, the ‘traditional chalet’ (displayed by the beach) isnt QUITE what they really used to look like, and the monorails gone. There was a brand new state of the art swimming pool built by the beach gate, which I think has now also gone.

The fun fair used to be run by trained staff, and it was run by redcoats when I last went there. I did ask a few of them questions;-to which I KNEW the answers, just to see what they said. Sadly they didnt KNOW. I then told THEM.

No one is a jack of all trades, but in order to keep costs within budget of “normal” people, economies have and still are going to be made. It is STILL good value for money, when u think how much each fairground ride costs elsewhere. True I have fond memories of the kids theatre, and the Princes ballroom, no longer in use.(or burnt down!) You pays u money and takes u choice,—–and it pays to read up whats available before u do pay out. If you felt it was so bad as some above said, then there are people to tell, and they do regular check ups anyway. Trading standards and of course the owners want to know. Billy Butlin used to do snap inspections, and pay to come in and walk round, to catch people out!!!! nice man but a bit blunt at times.