Comment on Butlins Skegness Reviews by lynne.

We have been to butlins skegness 3 times for weekends now as well as some day trips and loved it every time!

The best parts if you have children

1.The swimming pool (kids/adults love it and we have always found it clean with no sign of damaged lockers/mirrors etc).
2. The shows in the main skyline pavillion
3. The free funfairs/indoor play areas
4. For young children the nursery with its fantastic play room.

We have always found it clean and notice every time that the cleaners are constantly working in the toilet areas etc.

In response to the original review – please note – the day visitors entrance is across the road and wouldn’t take more than 5 mins from the main entrance, if you can’t find anything or are just after ideas you can ASK any redcoat or there is a dedicated infunmation point in the skyline where they will always point you in the right direction, you don’t have to ‘look’ for picnic tables – you can eat in at the hundred or so tables in the skline, or on one of the greens, and yes as a day visitor there are obviously things you will not see as they are in the evening entertainment venues! Unfortunately for day trippers the day is geared towards those on holiday there – but not sure what else you would expect going to a holiday park??!!! They do close lots of things over tea time as most people head to their accomodation or restaurant to eat/change for the evening and the people who work there would need to do the same!

Please don’t let this totally wrong view of butlins put you off –we love it!!