Comment on Butlins Skegness Reviews by Dave Chav.

I am going to Skegness Butlins for the first time this year,but have stayed at Minehead twice and visited Bognor on a day pass.

Butlins is great for children,and all this “could have gone abroad”nonsense is more selfish adult talk rather than doing what the kids want.

We went to Florida last year as well as minehead butlins and guess what? My 8 year old cried leaving BUTLINS!!!!!because he wanted to stay so much.

There is lots to do-sport,shows,excellent splashworld,fair rides and at extra cost go karts,golf,climbing wall,high ropes.Shows are top notch for families and plenty of choice.
As for chavs? Dont you get these everywhere, abroad at home,wherever.

What would most young children want to do, sit on a sweltering beach or by a pool abroad or enjoy an action packed break at butlins?