Based on the 2005 general election results for Boston and Skegness

Conservative – Mark Simmonds 19,329 votes 46.2%
Labour – Paul Kenny 13,422 votes 32.1%
UKIP – Richard Horsnell 4,024 votes 9.6%
Liberal Democrat – Alan Riley 3,649 votes 8.7%
BNP – Wendy Russell 1,025 votes 2.4%
Green – Marcus Petz 420 votes 1.0%

Majority 5,907 votes 14.1%
Turnout 41,869 votes 58.8%

Conservative hold – Swing +6.4%

And the current standing in the polls for the Conservatives, we are pretty much guaranteed another 5 years of Conservative power in the Parliament constituency of Boston and Skegness.

Still Boston and Skegness isn’t a safe seat by any measure and with the possibility of a hung parliament and smaller parties like UKIP and the BNP threatening to split the vote over immigration issues, you never know what’s going to happen on election day in a particular area.

I’ll be voting Labour, they’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years, but deep down I think they care more about ordinary people than the Conservatives. Just look at the national minimum wage, without Labour being in government, employers would still be able to pay workers the equivalent (taking inflation into account) of under £1 an hour!!

A Conservative MP boasted at a Conservative conference I believe, that he used to pay some of his employees 88p an hour!!! Add to this a recent Conservative backbenchers bill to allow employers not to hire workers who refuse to work for less than the national minimum wage and there’s grave concerns what the Conservatives might do long term with the national minimum wage (I see them reducing it in real terms, long term).

If you had a wage of £1.20 an hour before Labour came to power and you take inflation into account, today you’d be earning ~£1.60 an hour!!!

Is the National Minimum Wage Safe Under a Conservative Government Poll?