Had to buy a double glazed window pane from Ambassador Windows in Skegness recently.

On Monday 26th October at around 8:15pm in the evening we heard a crash from the kitchen area. I went to investigate and found a brick had been thrown through our kitchen side window!! By the time I got outside whoever threw the brick was long gone unfortunately.

Not sure who did it, but the following morning found an egg splattered on the back of the car as well, which suggests teenagers. To whoever did it, that brick went over 3/4s way through the kitchen we obviously use on a regular basis, (the light was on at the time) had one of us been in the kitchen (youngest son was in the kitchen 10 mins earlier) someone could have been seriously hurt as glass was everywhere!

We’ve reported it to Skegness police and they are investigating.

We fitted the double glazed window ourselves (wife did most of the work) about 18 months ago, we bought this window online from Wickes for I think £180, wasn’t a custom size, so from their stock windows (1200mm x 1100mm with a top opener).

All that was damaged was the main double glazed pane of glass measuring around 1100mm x 550mm x 24mm, the brick went through both panes, rest of the window was undamaged. Today I started getting quotes for a new double glazed pane of glass and the first place I called was Ambassador Windows Skegness (just up the road from us).

I expected to pay around £80 for the replacement double glazed pane of glass and was expecting some Skegness double glazing companies to give silly quotes over £100. I have to admit I rarely buy DIY products locally in and around Skegness, (Wickes and B&Q on speed dial :)) not because I don’t want to support Skeg, but because I have a perception (right or wrong?) local = more expensive (also had a really bad flat roofing job done by a Boston company called Rooftec a few years back).

When the guy on the phone from Ambassador Windows quoted £30 including VAT and delivery I ordered it immediately (should be delivered Friday afternoon, two days from now). Not going to get cheaper than £30!

Obviously not got the replacement window pane yet, so can’t comment on quality etc… (I was happy with the quality of the Wickes windows) but I can’t quibble at the price.

We have a large ex-guesthouse with I think 19 windows, 9 of which require replacement double glazed windows to buy/fit, so if their replacement window pane is good quality and their full double glazed window units are as reasonably priced as the double glazed pane, we’ll probably buy from Ambassador Windows Skegness.

We got a quote from a double glazed window company called Safestyle Windows UK a couple of years back to replace and fit 14 double glazed windows and 3 external doors (5 of the windows and the front door was already double glazed) and the quote started at £20,000, then dropped to £10,000 if I ordered that day and finally came down to £6,000! I would not touch Safestyle Windows UK with a barge pole with that sales technique!

Broken Double Glazed Window Update

As arranged Ambassador Windows delivered the replacement window Friday afternoon. I don’t know a great deal about double glazed windows, so no idea how well rated it is :)

Fitted the replacement pane that afternoon, was slightly thicker (about 8mm thicker) than I thought it would be, guessing the thickness I asked for was based on the foam padding spacer (between the two glass panes) not the spacer plus the width of the glass (should have asked in hindsight). So if you order a replacement double glazed window pane you might want to check this.

Didn’t matter as it fitted perfectly, only problem I had was getting the plastic beads back on, but we had the same problem when we fitted the window in the first place! This time though I’d spoke to a neighbor who does a lot of DIY and he suggested oiling the plastic beads so they slip in easily. This is a great DIY tip, went from banging the beads with a rubber mallet and not getting anywhere to adding oil and only needing a slight tap to secure the window!

I know it’s limited experience of using Ambassador Windows Skegness, but so far have no complaints.

Contact Ambassador Windows Skegness

Ambassador Window Systems
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Tel: 01754 612345

If you have any experience of Ambassador Windows Skegness (positive or negative) feel free to comment below.

David Law